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We are looking for like-minded individuals
to help us in creating the future of manufacturing.

Metal mold fabrication is a form of manufacturing where metal molds must be designed each time new products are developed. It is not like assembly line manufacturing where the same job is repeated over and over. It therefore requires people who are constantly thinking of ways to solve problems, have the desire to focus on coming up with new ideas to develop clever methods, and have the tenacity to never give up even when work is difficult.

  • Open positions

    Metal mold designUse CAD-based metal mold design molding simulations to build and examine metal molds

    Metal mold machiningMetal mold assembly, machining of all kinds, press finishing, etc.

    SalesPropose and sell our metal mold products to customers

    OfficeUse a PC to enter sales slips, create forms, etc.

  • Workplace
    HQ: 262 Fujimoto-Cho, Ashikaga-Shi, Tochigi 326-0833 JAPAN
  • Work hours
    8:15 am to 5:15 pm (8 hours)  
    * Employees may choose one day per month where they do not work overtime (either the third Wednesday or third Thursday of the month)
  • Salary
    University/graduate school graduates: 212,520 yen/month
    Two-year college/specialty school/technical school graduates: 179,928 yen/month
  • Allowances
    Management allowance, job class allowance, production allowance, perfect attendance allowance, transportation allowance, education allowance, overtime allowance
  • Raises
    Once per year (June)
  • Bonuses
    Twice per year (July and December)
    * Extra bonuses available based on performance
  • Days off
    Two per week (Saturday and Sunday, holidays (shift system), New Year's holiday, Golden Week, summer season, vacation time (two days between July and October)
    * 115 days off per year, paid time off
  • Insurance
    Full social insurance provided
  • Benefits
    Retirement plan, commuting by personal vehicle allowed
  • Contact
    Kurihara, 0284-73-2135 (TEL)
  • Email

Please contact us by phone or email, and then bring you resume (with photo attached). You may also send your resume by mail.